Taylor’s motivation to create work comes from the reflective mindset that accompanies his technique. The monotonous act of placing line after line in a constant, flowing motion allows the meditative state that fuels Taylor’s practice. His drawings represent the cycles, movement, and rhythm of his everyday life. Using intuitive repetition, pattern, and symmetry in linemaking, Taylor creates a visual depiction of personal routine and habit that is his human experience. Taylor’s natural rate of thought is mirrored by the repeated marks he makes, and fosters an inherently contemplative space for him to consider his modes of living as exemplified through his work.

Taylor regularly builds up intimate structures of his personality that affect his involvement in the world, and he is interested in exploring how to deviate from those structures by deviating within his process. He intentionally invites limitations into his work and forces the linemaking to adapt to such interruptions. Taylor may restrict space within a piece via geometry, or deny his lines from reaching the edges of the paper.  He hopes that by experimenting with rules within his practice, he may also be able to learn how to apply conditions to his life that benefit his human experience. 

Taylor earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Emphasis in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. He lives in Tucson, Arizona.